All prices include a Re-touch Adjustment visit, allowing Sonya to fine tune your treatment.    The Re-touch Adjustment must be done within 12 weeks of the initial treatment.
Eyebrow Shading (Powderfill / Block) $560
Eyebrow Feather Stroke/ Microblade $580
3D Eyebrow Combination Shading and Feather Stroke $650
Lower Eyeliner or Enhancement $420
Top Designer (thick) Eyeliner $520
Top Eyeliner $420
Lower Eyeliner/Enhancement & Top Eyeliner $740
Lower Eyeliner/Enhancement & Top Designer Eyeliner $840
Lip Line $500
Lip Line and Blend $590
Full Lip Colour $690
Beauty Spot $100
Scalp Aesthetics POA
Scar Camouflage POA
Nipple Areola Creation POA
Colour Correction POA
Prices are subject to change without notice