Skin or Scar Camouflage
Extraordinarily effective and very safe, Sonya’s treatments can improve the appearance and irregular texture of scarring.

Using prescriptive colours and the highest-quality equipment, Sonya can skillfully infuse medical pigments into your scar tissue to gradually blend it away

Is my scarring suitable for treatment?
Not all scarring can benefit from scar camouflage treatments. For best results scars:

Should be at least 1 year old
Should not show redness (if your scar is red it has Hyperpigmentation PIHP and not suitable for treatment)
Should be paler than the surrounding skin
Should not noticeably sunken or raised (Keloid)
Port Wine birthmarks, spider veins, freckles, age spots and under eye circles cannot be treated.

How Can You Benefit from Camouflage Tattooing
Psychological studies have shown that self confidence increases when a personโ€™s appearance and body image is improved. This can be achieved with medical corrective tattooing. Skin colour loss (de-pigmentation) can occur from medical procedures, trauma from burns or accidents, congenital anomalies, or different types of skin diseases.